SONG OF THE DAY 8/16/2012

It’s time to begin, isn’t it?
I get a little bit bigger, but then I’ll admit
I’m just the same as I was
Now don’t you understand
That I’m never changing who I am

-It’s Time, Imagine Dragons

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SONG OF THE DAY 8/15/2012

And if some day I’m flying around it,
I’d like to say I l
eft it better
Than it was the day I found it
And I hope 
that when I’m home
I’ll recognise a couple faces I know

-Make it Better, Gary Nock

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Artist: Hundred Little Reasons
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Song: Someday
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Album: Hundred Little Reasons
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SONG OF THE DAY 8/14/2012


Someday - Hundred Little Reasons

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Artist: Bon Iver
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Song: Flume
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Album: For Emma, Forever Ago
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SONG OF THE DAY 8/13/2012

Only love is all maroon
Lapping lakes like leery loons
Leaving rope burns, reddish ruse

-Flume, Bon Iver

SONG OF THE DAY 8/12/2012

Before this river
Becomes an ocean
Before you throw my heart back on the floor
Oh baby I reconsider
My foolish notion

-Faith, George Michael

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SONG OF THE DAY 8/11/2012

-I Don’t Fit In, Suburban Living

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SONG OF THE DAY 8/10/2012

Trouble he will find you no matter where you go, oh oh
No matter if you’re fast, no matter if you’re slow, oh oh
The eye of the storm or the cry in the mourn, oh oh
You’re fine for a while but you start to lose control

-Trouble is a Friend, Lenka

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SONG OF THE DAY 8/9/2012

-Size Meets the Sound, Woods

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SONG OF THE DAY 8/8/2012

-Feelings Gone, Beacon

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SONG OF THE DAY 8/7/2012

Girl, I say, if only life would lean our way
Well, you and me, we’d run away to be wherever our adventure waits
And time would be a distant memory, nobody could tell us to stay

-Love Love Love, Avalanche City

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